angry farmer.

A four-player competitive physics-based party game where you play as an angry farmer and try to grow as many crops as you can. The farmers are fighting for the most fertile land around. Sabotage other farmers by chopping down their crops. To maximize efficiency, farmers spin around in an angry craze to plant seeds and cut opponent crops as quickly as possible.



Team Size:

Technical Game Designer / System Designer

2 Days


core mechanics

Rotate to plant crops

Rotate to use the scythe to cut crops

The one left with more crops wins 

dynamic grid system

Grid-based layout

Adjustable grid size

Easy to use

Adjustable rows

Adjustable columns

Adjustable grid size

Adjustable randomness of grid


The grid system interacts with the cutting and planting mechanics to maximize the player's game experience. It helps designers to determine the maximum planting area, the density of the grids, and the randomness of the grid. It also helps players to visualize their farm area, identify enemy crops from their own, and plant crops more strategically.

physics-based animation design

The physics animation system is an important feature in the game because it does not only change how the game looks, but also change the general user experience of the game. For example, players will get much positive feedback simply by cutting the crops and watch them fly away. 


It is also important to visualize how many crops are at the same grid since the physics animation system will animate them to be like real crops growing closely together by branching the crops outwards as they grow.