chicken's life.

An atmospheric chicken game about laying eggs and grow your chicken family. Experience the life of a chicken mom. Lay your eggs and feed your babies by exploring the world to gather food to feed them.


Watch your babies grow up and become mothers of their own babies, but watch out because they will be competing with you now since there are limited amount of food resources.



Team Size:

Technical Game Designer / Technical Artist

1 Weeks


design goals

  • To make a fun to play simulation game.​

  • To make the player feel his growing something.

  • To convey emotion through lighting and environment.

  • To enhance the cycle of life through AIs and their interactions with the player.

  • To make believable AIs.



design detail

 The goal of the game is to make an AI-driven simulation for a school project.


The objective of the game is to own as many chickens as you can by laying eggs and feed them from when they are just babies. 


In order to make the game fun and not tiring for the players, the presence of AIs is essential. There are 2 AIs in total in the game, one is the small chicken, and the other is the adult chicken.  


rough concept for the camera angle and the chickens

AI design

AIs are the most important part of the game loop.


It is the drive of the player and it makes what players are doing meaningful.


Therefore the design of the AI behaviours is my priority.


I designed a couple of AI behaviours and these are what I came up with in the end.



Behaviour of the adult chickens


Behaviour of the babies