call of duty: mobile.

Mobile version of Call of Duty, developed by Tencent Games and published by Activision.



Team Size:

Technical Level Designer

4 Months

200 - 300

As a level designer and game designer on Call of Duty: Mobile, I modeled geometries in Maya and Unity to white-box levels; also held playtest sessions and iterate on the designs. Meanwhile, I designed and optimized gameplay for my levels which mainly include encounter design, pace balancing and zombie combinations; I made sure all the features are completed and tested before deadline. After designing the levels, I scripted the progression as well as the gameplay of the levels using Lua and C#. Moreover, I collaborated and communicated with programmers, artists and other designers to discuss design details and how my levels can fit the vision of the whole game. Besides that, I also pitched new zombies, mechanics and easter eggs through design documents and test them with prototype levels.


  • Model simple geometries and white box levels

  • Hold playtest sessions and iterate base on the data collected

  • Design and optimize gameplay for Zombie Mode (encounter design, pace balancing, zombie combinations, etc.)

  • Meet deadlines

  • Script level progression using lua scripts

  • Collaborate with programmers, artists and other designers to discuss design details and create a vision of my level

  • Pitch zombie design through design documents