A single player narrative game, about finding out the truth of a little boy's family and going on a touching adventure.



Team Size:

Technical Game Designer / Level Designer

4 Weeks


design detail

Golem was designed as a narrative puzzle-platformer adventure game where the player controls a boy(Aiden) who are going after a Golem with his friends to find out the truth of their childhood. The story then revolves around the amazing adventure of them trying to find the Golem.



Aiden is the main character who is positive and nice. However, the player can shape him differently based on player's choices in conversations.


Kete is Aiden's best friend who's hot-headed, blunt, determined, joking and confident, considerate of his friends.


Ariadne got saved by Aiden and Kete. She's sarcastic, self-sufficient, she has a temper and very realist, cunning, while cautious and determined.


Eryn is a clumsy, intelligent but stumbles over his words, self-conscious, also inquisitive but friendly character.

design for companions

The main part of the game is looking at dialogues and make decisions, which is a perfect chance for evoking emotions.


Emotions that I want to evoke are:​​







The level designs evoke these feelings because it forces the player to interact with the companions.


For example, the figure below is a level when the player first meets Eryn and Ariadne.


Player needs to find the TNT and place it on the rocks to rescue Eryn


Player needs to cut all the ropes to rescue Ariadne, this also teaches player how to jump and interact with objects in the game world

The dialogue also evokes these feelings because they provide information such as the companions feelings and mental states. Player then has to make decisions while talking to the companions.

world building & level design


world map | credit to Josh Schwarm

Level Layout.PNG

2d lighting design

It is important to create an immersive atmosphere for the player so that it is enjoyable to play and watch.

However, it seems really hard to create an environment like this just using 2D sprites. Therefore it is really important to add real-time lighting to it. It can be as simple as a light of the lamp or the light of a camp fire, but those details are what make the world believable.