Orbit Shoot | Peter Lu | Game Designer



Team Size:

Technical Game Designer

3 Weeks


Dictionary-based Pool Manager
A screenshot of one of my code, pool manager, which uses dictionary and therefore easy to add / remove pooled objects.
Costumizable Level Data
This is a scriptable object in Unity that allows me to create and balance the levels freely by just clicking on the button and put in numbers.
Profiler data
This is a screenshot of profiler while the game is running, it shows how optimized everything is including codes, graphics, and physics.
Game Play
In the picture there are three types of planet, one is the moving planet, one is the static planet, and the other one is the small planet.
Wall bounce
Wall bounce gives player 2 extra points. This is useful because it provides player a positive feedback and therefore keep them retained.
Particle Systems
These are all the particle systems in the game that I made
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