pizza boi.

Motion controlled game about delivering pizzas while dodging traffics in the game by tilting your body.



Team Size:

Technical Game Designer

1 Weeks



design process


the design challenge

Design and develop a game that uses alternative controllers.


This means that we can no longer use traditional controllers like mouse & keyboards and Xbox controllers.

Dsign challenge illustration.png

I started to think about what is something that provides accurate player input while it is enjoyable to interact with? I then started to brain storm from the point of view of a regular player. One thing stands out from all my idea is the concept of motion control because everyone moves and therefore players won’t have to learn how to use the controller; instead, they know how to use it from the moment they were born. In the end I chose joy con and Makey Makey as the primary controller for the game where joy con detects body motion and Makey Makey detect foot movements.

brain storming


initial design

From there I sketched out the rough game idea of the game and the game loop behind it:

The game’s setting is in a bar where player has to balance the bottle (actual bottle) on their hand while walking towards the destination. The player plays in real world and player's action gets reflected in the digital game.

The bottle has a joy con inside that detects the rotation and player loses if they drop the bottle.
The walking part is detected by using Makey Makey.

Initial Deisng stech.png
Initial Design Loop.png

the problem

why would player care the digital game?

There’s absolutely no reason for players to look at the monitor at all during the game, which is a huge problem because the whole point of the design challenge is to create a digital game.

Group 4.png

iteration #1

The main problem is that there is nothing in the digital game that requires player’s attention. Therefore I need to add in elements into the game that actively interacts with the player.

I decided to keep the walking part, but for the balancing bottle part, I changed it to holding a pizza box and adding in another joy con that’s attached to player’s chest to get the upper body motion.

This way, I turned player into a pizza delivery boy where player has to walk to customers on a street while dodging cars that’s trying to steal away your pizza by bending upper body.

Iteration 1 Game Illustration.png

new problem

Joy cons only gets rotation, but doesn’t know the position change in physical space!
Game feel is totally off!

Problem Illustration.png

iteration #2

attempt 1

Make character’s arm rotate together with the upper body.


attempt 2

Lift character’s arm up whenever the upper body rotates.


quick playtest data collection

Now that I have made 2 designs, but I need players opinions to decide which one is better. Below is a chart that I summarised base on the playtesters’ feedback. I’d love to show you guys the actual play test images but unfortunately I was making the game by myself and was really busy so I forgot to take photos.

Group 2 (3).png

final decision

Make character’s arm rotate together with the upper body.

Group 3.png

Base on players choice, I decided to use attempt 1 as my final version because most players think this is more natural in terms of game feel.

final product

what did I learn?

  • Designing a alternative controller game

  • Balancing game feel using data analysis

  • Prototype new gameplays and implement them

  • Importance of iterations and playtests

what did I win?