planet hamster.

An idle clicker game that allows the player to expand his/her empire of hamsters by constantly upgrading and tapping.



Team Size:

Technical Game Designer / Data Analyst

1.5 Years

3 - 5

design detail

Planet Hamster was designed to be a game that constantly gives player positive feedback, so we can keep the players retained.


Planet Hamster does not have to be played actively, parts of the game require idling.

gameloop flowchart


General Game Design and brainstorming

System programming


Notifications and pop-ups

Cloud-saving, achievements, leaderboards, ads

Events system

Resources-money calculation

Raccoons-factory relation

Data analysis (balancing)

Auto-play AI

Game Logic
Logic flowchart helps analyze the user experience
Research Upgrade Info
Data Analysis
A analysis of Egg Inc's data structure to gain inspiration from
Data Analysis
Research Upgrade System
Easy research upgrade system allows us to rapidly come up with new upgrades and iterate on the idea
Factory Upgrade UI
Factory Upgrade UI
Hamster Empire
What will your empire look like after approximately 30 mins
Research Upgrade UI
Hamster Upgrade UI
News Popup
Auto Play AI
Auto plays the game and spits out game data accordingly
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