shaders and VFXs.

this is a compilation of all my shaders and VFXs.

hologram shader

This is a hologram shader I made that turns any 3d object into a hologram display

heatwave shader

This is a heatwave shader I made that turns a spherical object to a heatwave

snow shader

This is a snow shader where the ground gets tessellated. This example I left snow track by clicking and drag on the ground.

outline shader

This is a shader that outlines the 3d object with customizable colors and outline strength. Works in both perspective and orthographic mode.


rim & mesh deform shader

This is a shader that creates rim effect and deform the mesh (like the mountain function in Houdini) on the 3d object with customizable colors, rim effect, and deform options.

Laser beam VFX

This is an VFX of a leaser beam. Achieved using Unity's particle system.

snow melting VFX

This is a snow melting VFX, achieved through my another snow shader with some maps.

black hole VFX

This is a black hole VFX

black hole VFX 2.0

This is another black hole VFX