Game Designer | Peter Lu

hi, I'm peter.

I focus on gameplay and level design

featured projects.

call of duty: mobile.

Mobile version of Call of Duty, developed by Tencent Games and published by Activision. Currently available in Canada, Peru, and Australia.

Role:                           Level Designer


A four-player adventure game, about accepting each other's differences and using them to your advantage.

Role:                            Technical Game Designer / Level Designer


photon explosion.

A mobile game live on App Store about spreading your photons to take over other planets and survive

Role:                            Technical Game Designer

pizza boi.

A motion-controlled game about delivering pizzas while dodging traffics with your body.

Role:                            Technical Game Designer

cleAR sight.

CleARsight is a Spatial Computing Accessibility app, to improve the daily lives of individuals with Low Vision.

Role:                            AR UX Engineer / Technical Artist

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