Hi, I'm Peter
a technical game & level designer | currently at       CERTAIN AFFINITY

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Designed and scripted survival mode using C# and lua with rapid iteration; pitched gameplay ideas and made prototypes

Call of Duty: Mobile

technical game designer | tencent

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technical game designer

Designed and scripted dynamic keystone correction and interaction system. Created multi-purpose shaders and tuned player experiences.

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Designing POIs in the world from paper to blockouts; taking feedback and iterate to meet design goals

level designer | certain affinity

AAA Open World

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Designing multiplayer levels using UE4 and focuses on environmental story-telling

AAA Action RPG

level designer | certain affinity

Personal Games

A co-op four-player puzzle game featuring environmental storytelling and coop puzzle solving

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Magic Leap Award.png

Magic leap app made for visually impaired individuals to enhance environmental awareness

photon explosion
hyper-casual mobile game on AppStore

simulation 139
A puzzle game that uses taking photos as the main mechanics; players need to find the location given and take photos of it to survive 

angry farmer
4-player arcade game where players are trying to cut down opponents' crops while planting their own ones.

chicken life
An atmospheric game about laying eggs and grow your chicken family.

Making waves
A screenplay game made in partnership with Holland Bloorview Kids’ Rehabilitation Hospital in Toronto, Canada. 

A single player narrative game, about finding out the truth of a little boy's family and going on a touching adventure.

A motion-controlled game about delivering pizzas while dodging traffics with your body.

Arts & Shaders